As a 6 year old kid for most of 1982, I can’t remember anything I anticipated much more than Firefox. Perhaps due to this most badass trailer… it really makes you think you need to see this movie. Plus, Clint Eastwood!

I can’t even remember much of Firefox, except that it didn’t make much sense. I much more enjoyed Tron. Still I demanded to see it, because of the trailer. Action movie trailers can be quite captivating. 1982 is where the action movie era begins its ascent…

FIRST BLOOD… is perhaps one of the most ridiculous movie trailers of all time:

What was more interesting, were movies by Jim Henson such as The Dark Crystal. This visually splendid film was released in 1982, and was one of my favorite cinema experiences growing up:

I think that puppets and makeup artists are still better than CGI, and much more entertaining. Admittedly, I was an eager watcher of the Muppet Show, watching every week I could. Also, it was this year where one of my first tv shows ended, The Incredible Hulk series that started in ’78.

Lastly, I share with you one of my favorite band performances I’ve discovered on youtube, hope you enjoy. The legendary King Crimson tearing it up live on some talk show with “Elephant Talk” and “Thela Hun Ginjeet”:

My nephew was born this year, meaning I was an uncle at the early age of 6 1/2. Also, it was around this time I met Jimmy Carter, shaking hands on the Mississippi near the Palisades (also, he pulled down my baseball cap, how rude!).

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