Stay with me here, forever.

Yes, The Matrix circa 1985. The Twilight Zone 80’s incarnation was one of many great 80’s shows like Tales from the DarksideRipley’s Believe It Or Not and Amazing Stories. I used to really enjoy watching these shows with my father and brother. There needs to be more shows like this on tv… missing are many of the great variety shows and more creative primetime material (although there are many surprisingly great cable tv shows out now).

1985 had a lot of music as it continually evolved into new forms. Songs about Space Truckin’ and Drinking and Driving were written, yet in quite different contexts and perspectives. Then there would be extreme rock tours, as metal continued to expand and push both musical and lyrical boundaries.

Pop-wise, to me this was the biggest hit of 1985, seeming to be about MTV in it’s heyday. It was heard it nearly everywhere and played on MTV several times a day.

Two of my favorite 80’s movies were released in 1985, including one that almost every child growing up in the 80’s adored… the Goonies:

The other one being Fright Night. Still one of my favorite horror movies and my vampire movie… I think my brother and I watched this VHS more than any other tape. We would show it to friends visiting, or just throw it in when we were bored… it was the go-to movie when all else failed. One of the reasons it was the best is its dark sense of humor, which is missing from most horror movies today. Humor just makes anything more entertaining, including horror movies. Throw in great acting and characters as well as good pacing and it’s a must-see:

Also very memorable was the 1985 Bears team. This is when I became a football fan, and was beginning to understand football more. I had just turned 10 when they were dominating in the playoffs, even setting a record with back to back shutouts in the playoffs.

Lastly, one of my favorite cartoons in the first half of the 80’s was Dungeons and Dragons animated series. 1985 would see the last episode of the well written cartoon.

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