Now that is an 80’s sweater. Alf was a big highlight for me as a kid. It was funny and grown up enough that my parents could watch it too. A good lighthearted comedy about aliens that looked like big stuffed animals was needed in a year with some big scares.

I remember being in 4th, maybe 5th grade I think it was when disaster struck. Class was interrupted for a moment not unlike 9/11. The Challenger disaster was a huge setback in the space program, one which scarred NASA’s reputation in ways not possibly estimated. Sure the shuttle program continued, but in the eyes of the populace it sure lost some favor. NASA was far more widely criticized, mainly because of the great cost of space exploration. With so many other problems, why continue with something that can go so utterly wrong.

Same with nuclear power, really. That route of technological envelope-pushing could be as drastically catastrophic. Chernobyl will be remembered for generations, and its meltdown site still exudes radiation; the Red Forest being the highest levels of radiation post-nuclear meltdown, with some mutant animals running about.

On a different note, there was a lot of fun music coming out. Run DMC and the Beastie Boys were my first two favorite hip-hop groups (and favorite music in general)… music acquired on the school bus on recorded cassettes, since my parents would not buy me such music. Other tapes I got on the bus were Dead Milkmen, the Doors, AC/DC, and the aforementioned Beasties (who my parents in particular did not like).

And Rad BMX… my neighbors had a BMX course in their back yard, which was awesome. Rad, even.

A decade after I was born, I was now beginning to have a nice comic book collection which would grow for another decade (which now sit in my mother’s basement, although I do have a few of my 80’s X-Men and other favorites with me for occasional memory trip).

And now, I leave you with this gem:

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