Robocop is one of the greatest movies of all time. It is ahead of its time… it tackles as subject matter corrupt corporatism, man’s struggle with technology, rampant violent crime, and a futuristic democratic society trying to find itself amidst the chaos of change.

Predator was also one of the greatest sci-fi/action crossovers. If nothing else for the groundbreaking special effects of the predator’s technology and suit, and the super cool gatling gun scenes (and of course one of Arnie’s best movies). All in all there was a lot of character to this movie, and it was just flat out really entertaining and captivating.

World Wrestling Federation was wildly popular in the 80’s. The main question was, were you a maniac or feeling the madness. Looking back a Macho Man Randy Savage talking to the Hulkster seems much more surreal and absurd even, than I would have thought possible at the time.

Despite the maniacal madness, We Care A Lot!

And… just another 60+ point game for Jordan:

Also, in 1987 Sonic Youth released a concept album called ‘Sister’ about Philip K Dick. Sonic Youth by this point had hit their stride and were causing waves. Obviously today they are known as one of the most influential bands of the latter half of the 20th century, but at the time it took them a while to catch on with their blend of noise and odd tunings with evolving punk aesthetics.

Towards the middle of the video you can see a young Steve Albini standing just off the stage checking out Sonic Youth.

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