Many things happened in 1989… some of which were rather important.

Reagan’s farewell speech… thus ending the Reagan years. The actor president had many quirks (astrology, superstition, infatuation with outer space and extraterrestrials, contradictory views, etc) but was quite celebrated as some sort of American archetype.

1989 was a year of change.

On a personal level, 1989 was all about entering jr. high and leaving grade school. And of course, the Batman:

I remember reading comics a lot during lunch and breaks at school, thus resulting in being made fun of by jocks and bored thugs. This was when I was really getting into Marvel and DC, and starting to really flesh out the comic book collection. Around this time I started drawing quite a bit. My best friend was also really into comics and comic book art.

Other friends were already growing beards and listening to stuff like this:

Death metal was being pioneered and molded on new levels by bands like Morbid Angel, changing the heavy metal paradigm. Countless bands would use their blueprint as inspiration. Other bands like the Melvins would slow down the metal into a sludgy crust more akin to Black Sabbath, when it was totally not cool to do so (very punk).

The King Buzzo ‘fro just beginning at fledging levels.

On a related note, another one of my favorite bands, Faith No More, released ‘The Real Thing’… the first album featuring Mike Patton. I think 1989 is a great example of where a year starts to seem like it is actually from the next decade… it really has a 90s vibe to me.

Also, there was this:

I leave you with a youtube video of Frank Zappa on Arsenio Hall. It’s always interesting to see the man interviewed by a tv personality for mass consumption.

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