’93… summer… Lollapalooza. still have that shirt

In the 90’s Lollapalooza was a pretty big deal. It was a traveling fest, and 1993 was perhaps the year it really hit its stride. It was the first year I went anyway (and I didn’t go to another one til ’06!). Being from a town of about 6,000 (and from the boondocks of that town no less) I wasn’t super aware of other music fans. Although I had a few friends that were pretty cool, so I learned a lot from them. After getting into hard rock, rap, metal, etc there were new sounds everywhere, especially by ’93. It was time to branch out and hear new sounds.

Rage Against the Machine and Alice In Chains were two of my favorite bands in high school. Now, I don’t listen to them much at all… but back then it was a daily ritual. Throw in the groundbreaking RATM debut on the way to school; listen to AIC’s ‘Dirt’ on the way back through my ridiculous self-wired soundsystem (complete with blinking lights!).

Nirvana was everywhere in ’93.

Another memorable was the DOOM craze…

a banned Bill Hicks on Letterman:

Michael Jordan mania! 64 points!!!!

the interwebs ’93… a series of tubes (and modems wailing an “electronic scream”)

Also of note, ’93 was kind of a rough year, with the Great Flood of 1993 causing tons of damage along rivers like the Mississippi and Missouri and many more. Also, it was the first World Trade Center bombing.

Also, this came out, but no one I knew heard of it (and neither did I):

Instead I was hanging out listening to stuff like this with the town Metal Dude:


SLEEP (this is one of the coolest videos ever, watch):

miles to go…



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