Weekly Beats February picks

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Here are my 20 picks from February, the songs that I thought all sounded on some next level creativity. After two months, it seems that this is going to be quite a sonic journey throughout 2012.

Dataline – “Elsewhere

Near perfect example of a track that can take you on a voyage. It is very listenable containing some gorgeous melodies and nice, rubbery bass tones. The use of panning is tasteful and effective. Pretty much a fully realized idea and concise track without being a short song.

Seagull Chainsaw – “Discuss Disgust”

A really great memorable track with a really odd beginning and ending containing some almost piano-like slightly plucked string sound. Those parts are interested, but my favorite section are the really excellent beats and the ambient, sort of flute-like strings (the main melody is rather contagious). The emotional feel of the track also matches up pretty well with the track title.

Fullautostop – “Holds Cold”

Some of the more experimental beats you’ll hear at weeklybeats.com. I really enjoyed the uniqueness of this track, and how it builds up. Very futuristic vibe to be heard here.

Dominga – “At Sea”

I almost included another Dominga song in addition to this one, but anyway, this song is really good. It pretty much sounds like nothing else at the site, and really brings some variety to the table. Sort of has a 90’s drum and bass vibe, but extra lo-fi without actually sounding lo-fi. It’s hard to describe the piece, but it has cool vocals on it which sound pretty unique (maybe a little bit Tv On The Radio-ish).

Capt. Heroin – “The President of Finland Evening”

Username of Fredrik. This particular track has a really cool sound, again sort of on the lo-fi end, but not really. I really like the sound and textures, but it is also arranged very effectively. Another one that is a bit of a sonic voyage, it doesn’t drag much at all even though it is well over 6 minutes long.

Godinpants – “Jyungal”

Interesting and unique jungle track with a hopeful yet downtempo melodic synth line, coupled with frantic jungle beats. It’s all nice and loud, and then a wonderful brass sounding melody brings a new dimension to the table. The beats know when to take a quick break, the bassline is swell too. Kinda breaths some life into the genre.

NWSPR – “Anthem”

Perhaps the most fun sounding track from February. Party track with vocals AND some nice song transitions. The beat is very catchy, and mixed really well. Nice melodies too, just a really great track. Has sort of an industrial meets chip tune sound, but with 80’s pop sensibilities (thinking devo, the cars).

Protman – “180wb5”

One of the most consistently good weeklybeats artists. Will most likely have at least 1 song each month here! lol. The beat is really quite kickass, and the sound is very unique and a little bit odd to say the least. Not so much melodic as robotic.

OK Ikumi – “Kindergarten”

More experimental sounds… I like everything about this song, from the simple beat, the synth bass filling in the rest of the rhythm and some melody. The sort of ghostly vibe, even the repetitiveness which usually I’m annoyed by. The subtleties of this track are probably its most endearing quality.

Dynamik – “Drifter”

aka Paul Wright. Builds on a very solid sounding bassline, the guitar parts actually take over the song. A steady beat rocks throughout the song, and the melody seems to evolve without sounding arbitrary. Soundtrack to a lost 80s action movie, or video game adventure setting.

Phil Harmonic – “Faith Driver”

Another one that has a soundtrack vibe. Also compositionally pretty excellent. When I hear this track I always have pretty instant recognition with the main melody. It reminds me of a lot of things, really. Plus, Phil Harmonic is a great pun/play on words as a moniker. Well done!

Ryan – “A Close Call”

Eerie sounding, mostly textural piece. Weird beats, weird ethereal synths, and lots of backwards sounding drones. The piece is a little unsettling but oddly listenable… I really enjoy hearing the ambient bass synth too. Just an interesting song idea really.

Botanimal – “Fuji Blues”

It seems a little weird including my own track again, but this one brought me a lot of good vibes and positive reinforcement. Also, if I heard it at a friend’s house I’d probably go hey what the hell is that? I think the best part is when the beats modulate the bass line and then go into a new section with transitory ease.

Saturnascends – “Air Is Poison Poison Is Life”

A fully realized track using a lot of different sounding instruments. The variety is presented cohesively with a steady buildup. The guitar chord changes bring some life to the middle section of the song, and it alternates more sparse sections with some busier notation. But it is all downtempo and chill.

tIB – “Inspectorated”

Displaced atmosphere for nearly 13 minutes is disorienting… but it is actually a pleasant form of disorienting. So being that it is that unique and it is an interesting idea, I decided to throw it into the mix. I can’t really think of anything it sounds like, but maybe a really lengthy and more subdued version of something off of Squarepusher’s ‘Budokan Mindphone’.

Slunchy – “Cheated (Out of Headbobs)”

A great job of programming and nice n crunchy sonic textures. Entirely synthetic and computerized. The stuttering beats complement the other sounds instead of taking center stage.

Zebra – “Moving Upward”

One of the best tracks from a week packed with great songs. A rather open sounding and understated track. I also really enjoyed the programming on this one. In the middle of the track, it stops and shifts gears and at first becomes even more ambient and slower. Another really memorable one.

Dataline – “Little Hope”

The first one of these I wrote, for January, I stated a rule that I’d only pick 1 track per artist. Welp, I’ve broke that rule already. Up to TWO tracks per artist! Also that matches 8tracks rules for mixes. Anyway, this is yet another great song from Dataline. PS, now I really want one of these.

Seagull Chainsaw – “Sixty Six String Wing Sing a Long Napoleon”

Thought this was a really neat piece with some smooth psychedelic guitars. I especially like the second half of the song… it has a lot of character. It also sounds a bit different than everything else on the site.

Fullautostop – “Koro”

Another one of my favorite artists from February is fullautostop. Koro is a really kickass track. Another meticulously programmed piece that is kind of amazing in that it was just created in a week. I’m really liking the fact that we get to hear brand new electronic music every week!

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