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Many things happened in 1989… some of which were rather important. Reagan’s farewell speech… thus ending the Reagan years. The actor president had many quirks (astrology, superstition, infatuation with outer space and extraterrestrials, contradictory views, etc) but was quite celebrated … Continue reading

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Over time, My Bloody Valentine has grown to be one of my favorite bands. I didn’t actually hear ‘Loveless’ until around ’98, and I had a good 5 years of listening to just that album and none of their other … Continue reading

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Robocop is one of the greatest movies of all time. It is ahead of its time… it tackles as subject matter corrupt corporatism, man’s struggle with technology, rampant violent crime, and a futuristic democratic society trying to find itself amidst … Continue reading

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Now that is an 80’s sweater. Alf was a big highlight for me as a kid. It was funny and grown up enough that my parents could watch it too. A good lighthearted comedy about aliens that looked like big … Continue reading

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It cannot be overstated how much the space shuttle was a part of the 80’s. This is when I started up with grade school, and I remember having some pretty cool space shuttle swag. Stickers, t-shirts, and books were all … Continue reading

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