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Weeklybeats.com January 2012 picks

Weekly Beats is a website challenging the musician, sound artist, or electronic music composer to create a new track every week for the year of 2012. As a participant I have had a lot of fun during the first month, … Continue reading

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Many things happened in 1989… some of which were rather important. Reagan’s farewell speech… thus ending the Reagan years. The actor president had many quirks (astrology, superstition, infatuation with outer space and extraterrestrials, contradictory views, etc) but was quite celebrated … Continue reading

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Over time, My Bloody Valentine has grown to be one of my favorite bands. I didn’t actually hear ‘Loveless’ until around ’98, and I had a good 5 years of listening to just that album and none of their other … Continue reading

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LET THERE BE ROCK. 2nd year: still not remembering stuff really. However, there was a lot of rocking going on. Rock a bye baby! This video is extra goofy, as we see AC/DC rocking in a church at a young … Continue reading

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My year of birth… I don’t have much to say about this, as it was the first year I was brought into existence. I wasn’t even born til Christmas Eve of this year, interrupting a pre-Christmas dinner. I’ve read that … Continue reading

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I qualify as a “Gen X’er”

Greetings from Generation X… probably the most cynical generation ever. The Millennials cannot even hold a candle to the depths of cynicism, nihilistic tendencies, and other rogue-ish behavior. Since we are certainly not simply defined as rebels and outcasts, our … Continue reading

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